In order to successfully complete the workshop and receive the $250 stipend, participants must complete the following list of prerequisites in advance of the workshop:


All times referred to in workshop materials are in Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6:00).

Due: May 12, 2023

📋 Post-selection survey

Participants who have been notified of acceptance to the workshop will need to complete the post-selection survey.

Before taking the survey, please complete the following actions. You will be asked questions related to each of these items in the survey:

  • 🕘 Please ensure that you can attend all three days of the workshop and actively participate in group activities: June 5 & 6 from 9:00-14:00 Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6:00) AND June 8 09:00-11:00 Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6:00)
  • 🧠 Know what to expect
  • 📏 Review our Code of Conduct

Once you have done the above, complete the Post-selection survey.

Due: May 29, 2023


### Fill out stipend compensation forms

You will receive an email with a link to financial forms that must be filled out via DocuSign in order to receive the $250 stipend. Please keep an eye on your inbox!